Evolutionary Demography Society

The Evolutionary Demography Society, founded in 2013, is a scientific organization that supports research in Evolutionary Demography. Evolutionary demography brings together concepts and methods from evolution, population ecology, human demography, anthropology, genetics and genomics, statistics, epidemiology, and public health. Its focus is on how demographic processes influence evolution, and how evolution shapes the demographic properties of organisms across the tree of life. The Society welcomes experimental and theoretical work on any organisms. Its members employ methods including field studies, laboratory experiments, comparative and phylogenetic analyses, mathematics, computer simulations, and theoretical modeling.

We meet annually, alternating between Europe and North America. Our first annual meeting, in 2013 at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark attracted more than one hundred participants and subsequent meetings have been of similar size. The last two meetings were held at the University of Miami (US) in 2019, and Roros (Norway) in 2020. Information on past and future meetings can be found here. EvoDemoS has a board of researchers and, as of the beginning of 2021, over 300 members.