Evolutionary Demography Society

Demography developed as a quantitative social science, and evolutionary biology is a natural science. However:

  1. Demographic traits, just like morphological or physiological traits, should be understood as products of evolution.
  2. Evolution is a demographic process of births, deaths and migration.
  3. Methods and concepts developed in these two fields can be usefully compared and combined, because both are quantitative studies of population processes.
  4. Understanding of human demography is greatly enhanced by thinking about our evolutionary background and comparisons among species.
  5. Demography has traditionally studied only humans, but the tools of demography should also be applied to non-human populations.

We define evolutionary demography to be interdisciplinary science at the intersection of demography and evolutionary biology. Most studies in evolutionary demography employ or develop quantitative tools from demography, mathematical ecology and life-history theory. Much of evolutionary biology incorporates thinking about the biological mechanisms underlying the demographic traits. It is through modification of these mechanisms that evolution shapes demography. Evolutionary demography interacts with ecology, anthropology, applied mathematics, and many other fields. In addition to basic research, our members apply evolutionary demography to evolutionary medicine, conservation biology, population management etc.